Asset Management

Asset management is a need for businesses. It comprises of attaching a detectable tag to an asset. The system for tagging fixed assets includes a special ID, a barcode or QR code that is equivalent to the ID, the business name, and a logo, which are often made of paper, polyester, plastic, or metal.

Need for Asset Management:

Many businesses have an extremely huge stock of assets and inventory. Due to this, the owners and employees of the company find it difficult to keep accurate track of the assets. They also may not have a clear idea about the exact number and location of their assets. The task of asset tracking becomes more complicated because the details may be entered into several databases, ERPs, and spreadsheets and controlled by different groups.

Benefits of Asset Management:

The main benefit of asset management is to give you a clear understanding of the type of your assets, their number, and their location. In this way, you can have thorough information on your assets. Asset management and inventory management process software assists you in the following ways:

  • Manage physical assets and inventory
  • Track serial or model numbers using barcode tags like RFID tags, Void tags, Metal tags
  • Secure your assets and inventory
  • Provide highly reasoned decisions regarding physical inventory
  • Track the movement of assets
  • Prevent misappropriation of assets
  • Simplify documentation

Tracking assets with these tags have become much faster, affordable and correct as compared to the manual tracking process. Businesses that have fewer assets can function without asset tagging or appointing their employee to perform the tasks of asset management. But asset management becomes a necessity for large enterprises with innumerable assets present at various locations.

Asset management services by AKA Management Consultancy:

AKA Management Consultants help to manage and track your assets in a systematic manner. From healthcare and education to utility and telecom, our team can help locate your assets quickly across any sector. Our team assists in identifying the type and location of any asset in no time. Moreover, our services extend to determining unused, misplaced, and outdated assets.

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