AKA Management Consultancy

AKA Management Consultancy is a reputable organisation in the United Arab Emirates. We are providing several services to our clients to resolve all queries of businesses and lead to the development of an exceptional society. Numerous businesses have chosen AKA as their associate. With an unrivalled team of professionals, we are utterly committed to delivering services to our clients. We are providing our services globally that fulfil every client’s needs.


AKA has developed an integrated system to confer significant solutions to developing businesses. The following areas of services are provided by AKA:

  • Initiating strategy
  • Value Added Tax
  • Restructuring through Advisory and Consulting with Tax
  • Audit
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance
  • Legal Services


AKA is functioning to achieve specific objectives and goals that cater to your needs.

  • Boost the worth of enterprises and offer affordable services for all
  • Offer extensive solutions to assure that functions are executed effectively
  • Offer services of a competent, experienced staff that is willing to carry out tasks around-the-clock
  • Establish a devoted relationship with clients to deliver long-term benefits to the businesses


We, at AKA Management Consultancy, strive hard to satisfy our clients. In this era of technology, our committed team of professionals is equipped with modern technology and carries out all the tasks smoothly while deploying the best of it. With productive solutions and beneficial results, AKA has been serving and pleasing clients for years. Moreover, we register every bit of information discussed in order to fully understand your requirements and provide you with individualized solutions accordingly.

Worldwide Scope:

Our professionals have an insight into the world which makes it easier for us to identify problems that affect companies and subsequently discover solutions for them. Our staff members are regularly updated on the laws, regulations, and policies of the major nations which enable us to offer accurate solutions to our clients. Our extensive industry-related knowledge, experience, and great reputation allowed us to establish a strong and reliable foundation with both public and private authorities. We only hire fully or partially certified company secretaries and chartered accountants. We manage our tasks systematically and use a simplified procedure to ensure that everything is accomplished in an orderly manner.

The team at AKA Management Consultancy carefully analyses the client’s needs and offers significant and exceptional solutions. With our global reach, we continue to succeed in providing expert assistance to our clients.

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