Organizations require legal advisors assisting in their day-to-day activities and corporate events across jurisdictions. Our legal team provides all-inclusive guidance around strategic business decisions and support for routine legal activities.

  • Labour Law Compliance services

There are numerous laws that are applicable to labor and change timely. A legal expert is needed to understand each law. Moreover, the latest changes must be kept in view.

Start-ups may find progression tough like established businesses as they have to deal with other problems as well. This can be overcome by Outsourcing Compliance Services to an agency with expertise. It assists the correct application of processes and registrations that ensure the safety and security of your business against lawsuits.

A service provider will make the business owner aware to certain acts and laws that are unknown to him. Government inspectors can visit the organization at any time and can issue a notice or fines if needed.

Our Labour Law advisory services can provide effective suggestions on UAE Labour law that can affect your business. Moreover, through our regular monitoring of hiring and industrial regulations, we provide advice or alterations in the existing laws or suggest implementing new laws.


  • Employment Contract Review


We provide an in-depth analysis of employment contacts. As a result, we offer a general rating that reflects adherence to the UAE Labour Law. We also provide industry-based suggestions for necessary changes or missing sections.


  • Legal Tax Advisory


Mostly goods and services are subject to the 5% VAT rate while some are exempted or entitled to a 0% charge based on certain conditions.

The goods and services exported outside the Gulf Cooperation Council member states implementing VAT, international transportation, the supply of crude oil and natural gas, the first supply of residential real estate, and some specific areas, such as health care and education sectors are all subject to 0% VAT rate.

VAT is exempted from financial services, supply of residential properties, bare land, and domestic passenger transport.

Excess VAT input can either be requested for a refund by the FTA or put forwards for deduction from the future output VAT.

We assist in VAT Advisory, VAT implementation, and VAT Return Filing. We help in identifying and reducing tax risks, fulfilling compliance requirements, implementing tax strategies that support operational goals for the organization, managing tax accounting, and reporting challenges, and developing best tax practices.

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