Accounting Services in Dubai

Regardless of the type, Accounting Services in Dubai are necessary for every business and company. For a business to successfully stand, correct, dependable, and timely financial records must be maintained. An ideal financial report and the right planning is the key to flourishing a business in the market. Accounting services in Dubai and bookkeeping firms in the UAE play a significant role in the company’s decision making, help with the budget, and predict the future of the company.

Accounting is the primary division to deal with whenever a business owner starts a business. The monitoring of the accounting services of a company can be challenging without the assistance of a professional or firm. Only a skilled individual can provide guidance and help through this process. The businesses can face severe consequences if accounting services are not properly carried out. AKA Management Consultancy provides extensive services for bookkeeping and accounting services in Dubai with our highly experienced professionals.

We never make a concession on delivering the correct financial information to our clients in punctual and systematic manner. Also, our firm is equipped with skilled and trained accountants that provide a complete set of accounting services throughout the UAE. These include:

  • Accounting and bookkeeping
  • Instructing and governing the current accountants
  • Accounts management and report writing
  • Cash flow preparation
  • Bank reconciliations
  • Standard ledger and preparing financial statement
  • Oversee accounting
  • Monitoring payables and receivables
  • Timely regulatory compliance
  • Financial Reporting following IFRS
  • Payroll accounts

Advantages of hiring AKA Management Consultancy:

  • Improving the process while enhancing accuracy and consistency, if possible
  • Identifying and addressing any accounting errors
  • Suggesting any changes in the budget considering the current trends
  • Partnering closely with internal or external auditors
  • Incorporate tax information including tax returns

Types of accounting services:

  • Online accounting service: Our staff gathers documents and information from the client and delivers accounting services through our online platform.
  • On-site accounting: Our accountants visit the client’s office, gather the required information, and carry out the accounting services.

AKA Services:

  • Highlighting current financial stability and status by gathering data from the client
  • Writing financial reports fulfilling the client’s expectations
  • Defining and suggesting rules and procedures to maintain accounting controls
  • Analyzing and verifying the accounting details to reconcile financial disparities
  • Maintaining customer trust by keeping the financial information confidential

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