An audit is the evaluation and investigation of multiple accounting records along with manually examining the inventory. This is done to ensure that the departments are using a systematically documented system for registering transactions. It also confirms that the organization's financial accounts are accurate. The process of audit is carried out by an auditor.

An audit can be carried out by the employees of the concerned department and by an external firm or a separate independent auditor. The role of an external auditor is to inspect and confirm that all accounting records are kept fairly, and the company is not bringing about any false representation and fraud.

AKA Management Consultancy can perform independent audits for your business or organization.

There are two types of audit, internal and external. Internal audit is conducted by the head of department or the employees of a company. They examine any issue related to the functioning and the risks associated with the business. Internal audit is conducted throughout the year. External audit refers to an auditor who is not employed in your company. External auditor inspects the financial records and provides feedback related to the financial operation of the business and is conducted annually.


The auditing procedure comprises of four steps. It can end in a day or a week depending on the type of audit.

  • Describe the duty of the auditor and conditions of the agreement stated in a letter that is formally signed by the client
  • Establish a plan for the audit that specifies the departments the auditor will cover and the target time
  • Organize and compile the audit information in a systematic way
  • Report the findings in the auditor’s report

AKA Services:

AKA Management Consultancy delivers economical yet high-standard audit services to all businesses and organizations. Our services are benefiting clients throughout the world. We have hired proficient and trained auditors that are highly experienced and deliver exceptional auditing services to our clients. AKA auditing services include:

  • Analyze the optimum functioning of your organization
  • Evaluation of the financial transactions conducted by your company
  • Identify fraud or risk of fraud
  • Ensure the security of the assets of your company
  • Verification of whether your business conforms to the rules and regulations of governmental and organizational bodies
  • Appropriate strategies to enhance results

Why AKA Management Consultancy:

Our audit team comprises skilled experts with a global reach who aim to promote the growth of clients. AKA serves to resolve your present issues along with preventing the occurrence of risks in the future. We offer numerous accounting and auditing services to assist your organization. Moreover, our registered auditors follow a systematic pattern that helps your business grow and prevent its decline.

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