Inventory Verification Services

Every firm or organization has stocks. These are important assets for any business that is susceptible to being damaged, expired, wasted, or subject to fraud. Various firms serve inventory verification services. An inventory verification process assists in inspecting and verifying the existence and location of stocks of a business. A strong bookkeeping system and MIS reporting depend on efficient accounting of inventory.

Physical validation of assets needs to be conducted on a routine basis. Organizations may find it difficult to do so as it is not a simpler task. This verification process requires careful planning, mobilization of resources, and competence. This is carried out with the assistance of a professional.

Process of Inventory Verification Services:

Inventory verification is a step-wise procedure that includes:

  • Proper labeling of physically validated stocks
  • Identifying if any goods are defective, delayed, or obsolete
  • Finding variations from book quantities
  • Determining the absence of relevant supporting documents

AKA Services:

Inventories make one of the most valuable assets of an organization. Accurate measurement of these inventories is significant. It helps to acquire a true and precise representation of the financial position of any business.

AKA Management Consultancy firm provides inventory verification services for your organization. Our highly professional team guarantees to make the procedure of inventory verification a much simpler task for you and provides you with better management of the inventory counting process. We are prepared to provide you with additional information about your stock as well as a correct reconciliation of your current stock records. Our team is equipped with modern technology to make sure that our clients have the proper inventory at the right time.

AKA consultants determine any outdated or damaged inventory. Our inventory verification services include:

  • Physical verification of stock
  • Physical status reporting
  • Stock reconciliation
  • Valuation of inventory
  • Assistance with inventory coding and categorization
  • Inventory Accounting

Our appointed team for inventory verification and valuation services identifies any surplus or deficit of items in stock. Moreover, we also assist to determine outmoded or damaged inventory.

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